Retro Games


Remember when we were are all young and Zelda was hot? We Do! And those were good times….

We’ve dusted off the old Nintendo 64, Playstation 1 & the Sega Megadrive for our monthly edition of old-school gaming. With blasts from the past like Goldeneye, MarioKart, ProEvo Soccer and Street Fighter- you’ll all feel 15 again!

Tickets include access to the DEN to take part in the Retro games evening, a chef selection of Sharing Foods, some Beer to kick start the evening (Ladies can trade for Wine) and a round of our famous House Shots.

Held Monthly // enquire for next event date or click here (link this to DMN ticket page)

Cost: £25 p/head

Max group size: 8 (Also available as a package for PRIVATE GROUPS)

See you on the battle floor!


The Flatmates at number 87.

Just knock Or Whatsapp us to come over - 0780 126 7854

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